Cosmetic Dermatology

Laser Treatments

Facial Veins

We treat facial veins with several laser and pulsed light systems. The V-Beam and Medilux are the most advanced systems for treating facial veins. Patients often experience redness after treatment, although this rarely lasts more than a day. Bruising is unusual, and depends upon the size of the facial veins.



The veins, flushing and breakouts associated with Rosacea can often be significantly improved with photofacial treatments. This usually consists of a series of four treatments, done at monthly intervals. Downtime is generally a day or less of redness. Make-up can be used immediately.

Our V-Beam laser is the most advanced system for the treatment of visible blood vessels and general redness on the face. A few treatments are often necessary. Down-time is variable depending upon how aggressively you would like the areas treated. A light treatment will result in redness and perhaps slight swelling for a day or two. A more intense treatment will result in temporary bruising and more noticeable swelling at the treated areas. The more aggressive the treatment, the less sessions are necessary to achieve your goals.



Photofacial treatments are the latest advance in minimal downtime skin rejuvenation. These treatments are performed with a device called the Intense Pulsed Light System, or IPL. The IPL treats both brown and red skin discoloration. It is very effective in treating liver spots on the face, neck and the backs of the hands and arms. It is also highly effective for treating ruddy-brown discoloration on the face, neck and upper chest.

The treatment will result in mild redness for a few days. In some cases, the redness can be more severe and last for up to a week, similar to a moderate sunburn. Often a series of treatments are necessary to achieve your skin rejuvenation goals.

Pigmentation Removal

Laser and pulsed light treatment enables removal of pigmented lesions with a low risk of scarring. The most commonly treated conditions are freckles and brown spots due to aging and sun exposure. Some types of pigmented birthmarks also respond well to treatment.

Acne Treatments

Not everyone is interested in medications for their acne, consequently we also use the latest Light treatment for acne. Typically, a series of five treatments are necessary, each separated by a week or two. Downtime is minimal, with 24 hours of mild redness.

Tattoo Removal

The benefit of laser removal of tattoos is that the risk of scarring in minimal. All other methods of tattoo removal typically leave significant scarring. Laser tattoo removal, done in-office under local anesthesia, requires a series of treatments to obtain maximum clearing. Amateur tattoos generally require fewer treatments than professional tattoos because of the type and amount of ink usually used. The laser light we choose is based primarily on the color of the ink to be treated. While some tattoos may totally clear, others may not, although most tattoos can be significantly lightened. We recommend waiting at least six weeks between treatments.

We have the most advanced laser system available for non-scarring tattoo removal. A series of treatments are ordinarily necessary. Some colors are more amenable to removal than others. Please feel free to discuss your tattoo concerns with our doctors.