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Skin Rejuvenation
Photofacial treatment with the Intense Pulsed Light system


Skin RejuvenationPhotofacial treatments are the latest method for reducing some of the visible signs of skin aging and sun damage. We utilize a state-of-the-art Intense Pulsed Light system to treat brown spots, visible blood vessels and the ruddy discoloration that often develops on the face, sides of the neck, and the V-area of the upper chest. This system is also very effective at treating brown liver spots on the tops of the hands and forearms.

Downtime is minimal. A gentle treatment will result in just a few days of redness. A more intense treatment can result in up to a week of skin redness, similar to a moderate sunburn. You decide how aggressively you would like your treatment to be in order to suit your treatment goals and lifestyle.

For an even more effective result, we can apply a topical medication called Levulan to enhance the effect of the photofacial treatment. This does result in more downtime.

The effect of the photofacial treatments can be maximized by performing a series of treatments combined with microdermabrasion.

An intense manual exfoliation that improves facial lines, discoloration, and scars.
$85.00 per treatment

A relaxing and rejuvenating hour-long facial that includes two masques, a facial, and upper body, hand and arm massage. $75.00

One hour of pampering that includes intense exfoliation, an infusion of collagen followed by a caviar mask. $95.00

A deep cleansing 30 minute facial that includes masques, steam and extraction. $50.00

A treatment specifically designed for acne-prone, blemished skin. Includes steam, extraction and masques for your personal skin type.
TEEN (19 & Under) - $65.00
ADULT - $75.00

30 minutes for $30.00 | 45 minutes for $45.00

Chemical Peels

Using a variety of water-based, chemical peeling solutions, the top layers of the skin are removed to reveal a healthier, smoother, more evenly-pigmented and brighter complexion. Chemical peels can improve some types of acne. Downtime is dependent upon the depth of the peel, but usually consists of only a few days of redness and scaling.



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